What is this exercise for?

This exercise is for improving your erection and eliminating your erectile dysfunction problem.

How it works ?

Each time you are doing this exercise or technique you will get erection in 3 minutes at the end of technique. If you are doing the techniques twice daily , you will get erection twice daily.   Our video illustrates in details step by step how to improve your erection.

I think that $100 is expensive for watching a video.. Isn’t it?

This website is only for those people who are using drug therapy for treatment of erectile dysfunction. A man who is using these drugs may spend $100 every week to get erection. These expenses are forever plus suffering from side effects. Our exercise will cost you $100 once only and you will get erection forever with NO side effects  plus unlimited support  so, it does not cost you anything in comparison to thousands of dollars which you will spend all life long for erectile dysfunction drugs plus you are away from any side effects and you can do this exercise anytime … so it is completely available for you anytime.

When will I get the required result which is complete erection ?

At the end of each exercise you will get complete erection

How long should I do this exercise ?

You will do this exercise  daily forever. You will do this exercise twice daily in the morning and before sleep at night.

Can I refund my payments?

If you are not satisfied with the result of our technique within maximum 7 days of payment, you may send a recorded video for your trial to support@howtogeterection.com to confirm that our technique is not working with you. Then, I will return back your money completely. Your video will be completely secured.

Are there any additional payments?

No, You will pay once and you will get unlimited watching our video

Can I download the video which I paid for watching?

No, downloading, copy or transmitting our video by any means is NOT allowed and forbidden

Can I contact you for any question?

For any questions send an email . We will be in touch soon.